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  Quinte West.City of Quinte West: Home to CFB Trenton, Gateway to the Trent-Severn Waterway, Walleye fishing capital of Ontario.
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Getting to Quinte West.
Directions to Quinte West.
GPS Co-ordinates for Quinte West, Ontario.   N 44 6' 4.05" W 77 34' 34.73"
Quinte West is located on Hwy 401
The MacDonald Cartier Freeway (Highway of Heroes).
Map showing where Quinte West is.
Driving Time To Trenton From
Ottawa3 hours
Toronto2 hours
Montreal4 hours
Kingston1 hour
Gananoque1 1/2 hours
Syracuse,NY3 hours
Buffalo,NY3 1/2 hours
Detroit,MI5 hours
Watertown,Ny2 hours
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US Border Crossings

  • Ivy Lea Bridge 135 km (85 miles)       
  • Niagara Falls 325 km (200 miles)     
  • Buffalo 340 km (210 miles)        
  • Detroit 550 km (340 miles)  
Getting Here

Car from Toronto: Hwy. 401 east to Exit 525 or 526

Car from Ottawa: Hwy. 416 south to Hwy.401 westbound
to Exit 526 or 525

Car from Gananoque: Hwy.401 westbound
to Exit 526 or 525

Train: Daily passenger service, Trenton Junction to major cities including Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.
For information about schedules or to make a reservation:

Coach Canada: to and from Lester B. Pearson International Airport. For more information 1-800-461-7661 or visit or

Greyhound Bus: 1-800-661-8747.

Trentway-Wager Bus: 1-888-461-7661.

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(2) Enter the Destination Address as Trenton Ontario

While directions are easy to follow, shorter routes may be available.
Driving times depend upon travelling speed.
International Airports
Toronto or Ottawa

Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport: approximately 180 kilometres
Ottawa Ottawa International Airport: approximately 280 kilometres

8 Wing/CFB Trenton may be available for commercial (including cargo) flights through coordination with the city.

Fly in - rent a car - and you're here in only 2-3 hours.

Click on the banner below for real-time arrival
and departure information.
Find Airport Flight Times.

Travel Tips.
Honeymoon trip to Quinte West.
  • Start a list of things to take and things to do well in advance of your trip. If you travel quite often keep the list handy and add to it as you travel more and more.
  • Make up a first aid kit with bandaids, antibiotic cream, scissors, gauz, sunburn remedy, etc..
  • Take your spare set of eye glasses.
  • Take enough medication for the trip.
  • Leave valuable jewelry at home; it only attracts attention.
  • Don't forget medical insurance.
  • Find out if you need disease protection in the form of shots or pills. Find out any side-effects.
  • Call your embassy or visit their web site to learn of any warnings.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are going and where you plan to be each day with addresses and phone numbers.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and proper footware.
  • Don't forget bug repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
  • Carry your camera and purse securely at all times. Don't set things down or leave them unattended.
  • Know where you are going and how you are going to get around before setting off for the day.
  • Drinking bottled water is a good habit.
  • Don't accept food, drink, or medication from strangers.
  • Before going out after dark ask where to go and where to avoid.
  • Keep your passport and airline tickets in the hotel safe or securely on you at all times.
  • Don't give out your hotel or room number to anyone.
  • Use a carry on to hold all the things you can't do without or couldn't buy if your luggage was lost.
  • Never put valuables, money, passports, credit cards, traveller checks, etc. in the luggage you are checking in at the airport, bus terminal, or railway station. Thieves work everywhere.
  • Keep your valuables safely on you, not in your carry-on bag.
  • Make sure you can identify your luggage. Tie a ribbon, pomp pomp, or something to make your bags stand out from the dozens of others that look like yours.
  • Don't put your name and address on the outside of your bags. This alerts people to the fact of where you live while you are away.
  • Keep the kids occupied and happy during the long flight and drive. Plan plenty of activities to keep them occupied both going and returning.
  • If your flying a baby will need something to suck on during take-off and landing as a baby cannot know when to swallow to equalize ear pressure. For older children have gum to chew.
  • Where possible take the child's pillow and favorite blanket . . and take your pillow for a better nights sleep.
  • Bring plenty of kleenex and handy wipes.
  • Have plenty of snacks and bottled water.
  • Pay all your Bills in advance incase you want to stay longer or something happens to delay your return home.
  • Have someone pick up your mail while you are gone and check your home. Insurance companies may not pay if your home is not checked daily. Have them change around any lights you leave on so the same lights in the same rooms are not always on.
  • Arrange for someone to cut the grass, water the plants, open and close the curtains daily, and shovel the driveway.
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